Film Re-Wind: Weird Science

The idea behind Film Re-Wind is to travel back in time and re-watch a movie from the past. The first movie to receive such a re-watch is John Hughes’ “Weird Science.”

This movie could never be mistaken for a serious or overly mature movie. It’s for teens – an audience somewhat more forgiving than their adult successors.

I have always been a John Hughes fan from his casting choices to his dialogue. He made smart choices – well not exactly.

Weird Science upon re-review has a hackneyed story and the editing and transition from scene to scene and event to event is messy. It kills me to say it but Weird Science is an awkward mess. There is definitely cast chemistry. The people playing their characters fit their rolls exactly. This movie has moments but it’s unpolished and uncomfortable to watch now.

Is it totally unwatchable. No, it isn’t but the film achieves various levels of absurdity courtesy of bad editing, transitions, and little too much of everything.

I have focused a little on what problems I found with the movie, but I own it and I do watch it from time-to-time. There must be some positive things about it!

  • The casting.
  • The people seem appropriate for the roles. There’s good chemistry amongst the major players. Gary and Wyatt do seem like best friends.
  • Kelly Le Brock definitely embodied the various personalities and attributes assigned to Lisa, created by the whimsical frankensteining of both boys.
  • Bill Paxton was excellent at playing bullying older brother, Chet, who was slightly mentally unhinged.
  • Robert Downey Jr and Robert Russler could have gotten a little more time – both guys are pretty funny.
  • Watching Anthony Michael Hall loosen up in his role revealed more of his acting ability.
  • One of the more fun moments of the movie is when Lisa admonishes the boys and works against them all the while trying to embolden them to be more confident, etc.
  • I honestly really love the scene where Chet (Bill Paxton) finds his grandparents in the cupboard. These moments along with Gary’s dad not remembering he has son but his wife remembering that they do are quite hilarious.
  • Lastly, it has a sweet theme song from Oingo Boingo. You can’t go wrong with Danny Elfman.

Weird Science may not be the best movie. It certainly suffers from editing and transition problems, but it is far from unwatchable.

3 Popcorn Buckets out of 5.

BTW, a reunion of many of the cast of Weird Science is happening at Blood At the Beach II, a Horror/Pop Culture Con taking place next month in Virginia Beach, VA. Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who played Wyatt will be seeing his co-star Anthony Michael Hall for the first time since they filmed this movie. Ilan left the business shortly after 1991 to pursue his love of teaching.


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