R X R Costume Ideas: Part II

It is getting closer to Halloween, have you got your costume together yet? Still having trouble trying to figure out what to wear?


Make Your Own Mask

If you have the money, say $1299, you could buy a 3D Printer from Cubify and make a mask. However, for around $84 dollars (might be more depending on where you live and how much the materials cost), you could make your own custom mask. Check out this Youtube channel for inspiration and prepared to be a little creeped out.

zjcfhgf さんのチャンネル

Her website: http://zjcmask.sakura.ne.jp/gallery.htm


Monster High


I know I am an adult but I totally love the Monster High concept by Mattel. I love old school monsters and I sort of like how they have been revised to fit into today’s doll world and generate some youthful interest in horror creatures. I will admit the faces of the dolls look close to that of the Bratz dolls but thankfully their heads are smaller and the monster concept supersedes the elements I don’t like. My favorite is the zombie character – Ghoula.


Ghoula Cosplay by Stanice On Wing


Dressing up like a Monster High character is something that can done by teens and adults. Some might say that if you are older than your 20s that Monster High shouldn’t be something you attempt to dress up as but I think you could do it no matter the age. It really depends on your application of makeup and clothing choices, which can take you from looking spiffy to iffy.  Really, Halloween is all about having fun and if you want to make and wear an absurd or aged version of a costume –  it’s your time to have fun. You don’t have to play by the rules! Use your imagination.


Here’s some inspiration from the awesome people of Electric Alice:


Photo Courtesy: Electric Alice


Anime Makeup


On October 2, 2012, CNET reported on Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year-old Ukrainian “whom some might call a goddess among cosplayers.” She looks like she stepped right out of an anime. If you ever wanted to achieve a flawless anime look, check out how to do Anastasiya’s make up in the video below. She does wear circle lens, but her videos are in her native tongue and not English. However, if you are resourceful, you can follow along and try out her looks.






Saving the best for last! My favorite, favorite go-to-channel for Costume Makeup is GoldingStarling aka Angie. She has fabulous ideas for wonderful facepaints! Checkout a few of my faves (including some recents). I am happy to recommend her every year!


Davy Jones


Vincent Van Gogh


Hot Wax


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