Disney Buys LucasFilmLTD


Well, it looks like Lucas has finally given up and sold Star Wars to Disney. Some might choose this moment to scream. Others of us, it was coming eventually. We didn’t know who would get the carcass of Star Wars. How will Disney alter Star Wars? Time will tell.

I am going to be brutally honest. I am not an avid Star Wars fan. I find the first movies very enjoyable and I love to re-watch them. Those new movies – they don’t exist to me. If I am not an avid Star Wars fan then I must be a Trek fan. I don’t hide it. However, I do have love for Star Wars and I am sad to see how Lucas dropped the ball with it.

Will Disney pick up that ball and resurrect a wondrous world? And tell me, tell me you didn’t give a sigh of relief that Michael Bay wasn’t the one he sold the franchise to.


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