Kickstarter Alert! Shadowgate

The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!

About The Kickstarter

“The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he gestured wildly and chanted in an archaic tongue. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest.”

So begins the legend of Shadowgate – the granddaddy of all ‘point and click’ fantasy adventure games! This unique adventure paved the way for a host of adventure games to follow, sold millions of copies and has been ported to nearly 10 different platforms!

Zojoi, and the creators of Shadowgate, are proud to announce the pre-production of Shadowgate! While we love all of the versions of the game (especially the NES version!), this new game is not simply a port. We are updating Shadowgate with lots of new puzzles! New rooms have also been added – as well as familiar locations, many that we are redesigning to provide a new play experience while retaining the essence and fun of the original. We plan to develop the game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, hoping to bring back the first-person adventure game genre!

Shadowgate will feature:

  • Over 60 rooms of first-person, fantasy adventuring
  • Many new puzzles from the original creators
  • Intuitive command-based UI
  • Beautifully painted, hi-resolution artwork
  • Compelling game play and storytelling
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device support
  • Two soundtrack modes (Cinematic and original NES) and environmental soundscapes
  • Atmospheric and object-specific animations
  • In-game hint system



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