Trailer Alert! : Star Trek Into Darkness

The first teaser trailers have arrived for the new Star Trek film directed by J. J. Abrams.  The trailer is intense and features a silky, sinister voice over by B. Cumberbatch. I know Cumberbatch can do villian, and I believe he will run circles around Bana.

The first movie is decent for a straight up action-adventure. I say decent loosely because the premise was rather lackluster and the director’s need to take a poop on the franchise by icing Vulcan really did not set well with me.  It was like let me take Star Trek and repurpose it as a poor man’s version of Star Wars.

I can appreciate certain aspects of the film. However, I also have distinct abhorrence for many of the things it executed, especially with some of the characters. No one puts McCoy in the corner and they did. I understand they wanted to focus on Spock and Kirk, but I think McCoy had his fair share of time with the twosome that made for a interesting threesome. Now, I am not getting all Yaoi on you,  but I wanted to see more of Karl Urban – sexy Karl Urban.  Ok, I know  – too much.

Anyways, the brief other planetary visuals you see in the teaser look gorgeous.  We will see if the actors can do more with the characters, and I hope there is a better script this time. I am eager to comb the tropes.

I am attached the first teaser trailer and not the Japanese teaser trailer because it has a bonus shot that might be spoilery.  Really, who we kidding, from the Japanese trailer it really looks like this film is rebooting Wrath of Khan.

*****WARNING – if you have NEVER SEEN STAR TREK 2 – THE WRATH OF KHAN…..DON”T READ the next string of words……………………………………………………………………………Anyways, it does look like they are rebooting Wrath of Kahn and in it a certain person dies…really how many of this person’s species are left? Are you setting up for a third film to reboot the Search for Spock? Yeesh! If they kill off you know who… or worse if they kill of the OG again – pissed off I will be. Yep!

This film comes out next May.


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