Jingle Bells and He-Man Smells and Snarf Laid an Egg

What’s Christmas without the occasional spotting of tacky sweaterdom? Uncle Mark festooning over a lovely plate of cheeses and crackers while you watch the nose on his reindeer jumper ..oops.. I mean sweater blink at you. What about Aunt Maria wearing the brown sweater that looked liked an elf vomited its jolly goods all over her chest. Yes,  they make for a giggle, a story, but you wouldn’t want to be the ones wearing them.

Is it possible for tacky sweaters to be cool? Well… I don’t know if there is hope for sweaters but there is for this tacky sweatshirts being sold by the folks over at 80s Tees.  I was tipped off about these Xmas-themed tacky sweatshirts by my friends over at iMockery.

It’s a small selection but you got options like He-Man and She-Ra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Transformers. If you actually want to sweater it up, they do have some pop culture sweaters, such as a replica of The Dude’s Sweater and Uncle Eddie’s White Sweater with Dickie (Christmas Vacation).  They offer a wide variety of sizes.  {LINK}

Courtesy: 80s Tees
Courtesy: 80s Tees

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