Kickstart This: Black Asylum


Kickstarter is an awesome opportunity to have the ability to invest in projects that you  or me want to see happen. The talented and awesome Robert Rusler is looking for support with his new venture  – Black Asylum.  Black Asylum is a horror film for the fans and by the fans.  I think the reason why I am trying to help Robert is his earnest devotion to wanting to make a good horror film.  As evidenced by the teaser, this looks like a very promising project with lots of interesting and excellent casting choices and some great backdrops for the story. Check out Robert’s pitch and see the exciting teaser that I think will make you want to see this film be made.

Robert and Jay’s  Pitch




Black Asylum Cast

  • William Sanderson
  • Marshell Bell
  • Esai Morales
  • David Arquette
  • Johnny Messner
  • James Duvall
  • Jason Lodnon
  • Keith David
  • Arye Gross
  • Scott Caan
  • Tom Towles

Black Asylum Facebook Page

Black Asylum Kickstarter

Again, I hope you will consider making Black Asylum a reality! Please spread the word!


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