True Blood Returns (Spoilers Inside)


This past Sunday, the Season 6 debut of True Blood saw a 13% decline in viewership (Los Angeles Times).  However, it did have to contend with ABC airing the NBA Finals. True Blood  was full of action and exposition as always as well as dispensing with the old (Luna) and bringing the new (Rutger Hauer).

Let’s recap, shall we:


True Blood opens to Billith emerging and everyone trying to scramble out of the Vampire Authority compound in one piece. Once far from the scene of the mayhem, wherein Luna dies and Sam escapes with Emma,  Pam continues to cling to Eric only for him to push her a way. Jason decides he has had it with helping vampires and he turns his back on Sookie. However, not before he learns from Nora that Warlow is related to Lillith.


We come to find out that the Louisiana governor is more shady than we realize. He does a press conference to talk about protecting humans from vampires. He institutes a curfew for vampires and orders that all vampire businesses be shut down. Meanwhile, he’s hatching plans with the manufacturer of True Blood (which seems not good for them but bad for vamps) and it appears that his armed forces are in possession of some sophisticated anti-vampire artillery – as Tara comes to find out first hand.



While planning what to do next, Jessica gets summoned by Bill and as his progeny – she can’t resist her maker.  Well, she can but with horrible consequences. So, Sookie decides to accompany Jessica to see Bill.  A less bloody Bill sits quietly on the veranda waiting for Jessica. Eric and his sister surprise attack Bill, but they are no match for him. Sookie scared for Eric’s safety stakes Bill. However, it has no affect on him whatsoever.  Surprisingly, Bill keeps cool as a cucumber.  Further exchanges are made and after asking Bill to leave Bon Temps and to leave Jessica alone, the whole scene provokes Jessica to turn on Sookie in favor of her maker aka Daddy Bill.


Sookie, Eric, and his sister leave and Bill and Jessica bury the proverbial hatchet. However, to me, it looks like the biggest hoodwink or rather Jessica is hoodwinking herself because a) she’s truly scared of Bill and doesn’t want to die and b) she loves Bill like a dad and doesn’t want to give up on him. I think it is so much more than just “maker loyalty.”

Eric sweetly gives Sookie her home back only for her to rescind his invitation.

Meanwhile, Sam arrives at Merlotte’s bloodied and with child in tow. He notices something isn’t quite right in which he comes face to face with a shotgun barrel aimed by a liquored up Lafayette.


Lala is one of those characters that can appear for a mere few minutes and you are absolutely charmed by him. The write him well and Nelsan is amazing.


We finally get back to Andy having a heart-to-heart about parenting with Arlene. Andy is naturally scared and Arlene comforts him. Things seem to be okay as Terry and Arlene supervise Andy as he tries to change diapers. However, things greatly change as Andy is stunned  when his daughters pop in his room having aged many years. They aren’t babies anymore. Apparently, faeries develop really quickly. I guess it’s a perk for Andy.

However, where is this plot going? Can we say story filler? I would rather have something more meaningful or just have him kicking out jokes to support exposition. True Blood needs to start trimming it’s penchant for character bloat. Don’t get me wrong, I like Andy, but him, Arlene, and Terry….get way too much screen time for their poor story lines. After writing this, I did start to think if things are going to develop in a human vs. vampire vs. supes (wolf and faery) war then pumping out babies for the war to come might have been the plan all along and Andy was a convenient quickie for said faery.

As Daddy Bill works his mojo on Jessica, tucking her in and giving a True Blood nightcap, to continue on about Pam and Tara from earlier – they are having it out about Pam’s unrequited love for Eric. As their argument climaxes, military forces bust in to carry out the Louisiana’s governor’s ordinances about curfews and the closing of vampire establishments. Pam silver tongued as usual evokes the ire of the military and when Tara leaps to her defense, she is shot for her insubordinate attitude. By her shrieks of pain, the government has some new weaponry that hurts vampires.

Alcide hangs with his dad as the pack feasts on the remains of their former leader. Alcide is hesitant but is approached by a naked pack female, who offers herself. Meanwhile, Emma’s grandmother and Rikki worry over power getting to Alcide’s head. Alcide relinquishes his former beliefs and digs into flesh of Marcus before promptly shifting into a wolf to run off in the woods. Later, we see Alcide and the young woman who offered herself  getting hot and heavy only to be caught by the female pack member, Rikki, whom he was messing with at the end of last season.

At first you think there is going to be a fight, but she engages them both and states that she comes first in Alcide’s affections, etc. but he’s welcome to fool around with other pack women. Where is this going? Why would she share? Curious about her motivations – self interest or concern for Alcide or both?


The episode ends with Bill being visited by various different incarnations of Lilith which end up merging into his body. Does Bill have control of himself or is he a puppet being mastered by some deep kind of supernatural force?  What other powers does Billith have? Enigmatic ending.

Did you have any favorite moments from last Sunday’s premiere of True Blood Season 6?

And I almost forgot….what about Jason? He  is on the hunt for Warlow, the vamp who killed his parents. Of course, Jason being Jason ends up getting into a car with a complete stranger (such a Jason Stackhouse thing to do) and, after sharing his whole life story with the man (Earth to Jason – stranger danger?), Jason discovers that this man has some connection to Warlow! The man (Rutger Hauer) disappears out of the car and Jason is in a panic to stop his imminent crash. It’s quite obvious that had the man in the car been Warlow, Jason wouldn’t be alive right now. It’s more than obvious to any reader of Charlaine Harris Stackhouse books that Rutger is playing Jason and Sookie’s Faery Great Grandfather – Niall. Things must be really bad if your getting a visit from your great grandfather. 🙂 I am excited to have Rutger on True Blood. I adore him.

True Blood episode 2 is tonight. Are you ready? 🙂


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