Batman: The Changing of the Guard

The Internet is raising its fist in the air as Ben Affleck has been announced as the actor to play Batman in the upcoming movie combining the forces of Batman and Superman.

Ben, I think is a very capable director. Often times, He definitely can act better than Keanu Reeves, and I think that says something in itself.

I am willing to give Ben a chance. I mean Daredevil did come out in 2003. Eight years has passed and I think this has given Ben some time to redefine himself and learn. He couldn’t do worse than Clooney did, right?

And before people condemn Ben, people were not that thrilled about Heath Ledger being the Joker. I am not the only one who is point this out. Check out Mick Joset’s article over at Geeky Tyrant about this subject: LINK


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