Geek Funding: Monroeville Zombies Museum



Attention all zombie lovers!!! This post is to being re-posted “to help out a fellow fan and someone that has dedicated his life, finances, and probably most of his living flesh to the walking dead. For many years Kevin Kriess operated The Living Dead Museum and Gift Shop at the Monroeville Mall (located coincidentally in Monroeville, PA) where they filmed DAWN OF THE DEAD way back in 1978. It never made much money, but it was designed by a fan, for the fans of these zombie movies that we all love. It really was a labor of love because Kevin is one of the biggest NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD fans out there. A couple months ago Kevin had to vacate his space at the Monroeville Mall and he is now in the process of building a new and better zombie museum up in Evans City, PA (home and filming location for the movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) Over the last few months he also had many setbacks in his life personally and professionally, in particular one nasty spill where he broke his arm and elbow in a bad place requiring ongoing amounts of surgery and rehabilitation. Needless to say, he is a good guy having a short streak of bad luck. But still he continues and trudges onward. Admirable. Because of the formerly mentioned bit of bad luck, he is also in danger of not being able to support himself and his as yet unopened new and improved zombie museum. So he has started a campaign on Indie Go Go to illustrate his wish to continue his mostly non profit zombie museum for all zombie fans visiting Evans City, PA.
We want to try and help Kevin keep his dream alive, and flourish, so more fans of the undead can have the chance to enjoy his collection for years to come. So go to and show your support! For more information visit Kevin’s Facebook page and


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