Breaking Bad – Season 5’s Alt Ending

If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad.. you probably want to watch Breaking Bad before seeing this. But… if you just don’t care, knock yourself out. ;)… UPDATE 11/20/2013 – In true Sony fashion, they removed the video from YouTube. I honestly don’t know where the video is from but if you got to see it, it was great. Here’s a description of what the video was about:

An alternate ending for “Breaking Bad” starring Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston has leaked and it is amazing.

In the video above, Cranston awakens from a dream and is next to Kaczmarek. The two reprise their “Malcolm In The Middle” roles. It seems “Breaking Bad” was all a dream brought on by deep-fried Twinkies.

“You cooking anything?” Kaczmarek asks as Lois. Cranston’s Hal recalls all sorts of “Breaking Bad” details like Tuco’s uncle who didn’t speak and “man-child” Jesse Pinkman.

“He used the b-word a lot,” Hal says.

This ending is a nod to how “Newhart” ended, reverting back to “The Bob Newhart Show.” REF: Huffington Post


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