The Dark Side of Henson

When one thinks about the darker side of imagination, we think about the ramblings and visions of Stephen King or Clive Barker. However, we usually don’t think about Jim Henson. Many forget about The Dark Crystal, which really was Henson’s darkest project in IMHO. Apparently, the initial vision of the film featured:

  • Skeksis villains who didn’t speak English.
  • Absolutely, no narration.
  • Finally, A lot of visual storytelling unaccompanied by interior monologues, relying instead on viewers to follow what was going on.

    Apparently, the original cut of The Dark Crystal was not received well by audiences polled and the Henson team re-cut the entire film to make things less mysterious and more obvious. However, the film went on to be iconic classic work of fantasy.

    According to Blastr:
    We have to give thanks to “one intrepid enthusiast has spent two years of his life re-editing and remastering the film using audio from a previously discovered work print and deleted scenes from DVD and Blu-ray editions, and the end result is now online for your viewing pleasure. It’s a different, eerier film presented this way, and while the quality is fairly rough in spots, it’s well worth watching for both Henson and fantasy fans. Plus-100 ’80s points for the newly included bits of scoring by Vangelis.

    Resources: Pop Candy, Blastr


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