True Blood Season 7 Trailer

I have avoided posting the teaser trailers for the last season of True Blood. It’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end. I guess HBO needs all the money it can muster to sink into A Game of Thrones. I have not gotten into A Game of Thrones. I have tried. However, I have been watching The Wire finally. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner. Watch it. I am going on to Season 4. Anyways, I need to get back to the topic at hand – True Blood.

From the trailer, it is easy to discern that things are chaotic. Vampires are raging a war on humans, in particular, the town of Bon Temps.

At the end of the last season hep-V infected vampires are about to snack on the good citizens of Bon Temps.  The trailer leads me to believe the residents of Bon Temps haven’t been able to protect themselves too well from the undead hoardes looking for blood.

“It’s a blood bath over here,” a voice says as the camera pans over bloody and lifeless bodies.

 Sookie is being to blame for cultivating the town’s acceptance of vampire Bill Compton.

The question that begs to be answered is this going to be series that ends with a sole survivor, a few survivors, or is everyone going to perish. Also, where is Eric and is he really dead? Fangirls are eager for an answer to that question.

I think he’s still alive. Eric is not stupid.

What other things are revealed?

– Jessica is trying to protect Andy’s daughter.

– Andy is not forgiving and still grieving over the death of his three other daughters. “Ain’t nothing in this world can make right what you done to me and my family,” he tells Bill.

– “People blame me for what’s happened to this town,” Sookie voices over in the trailer. The video shows her strutting out of a church where everyone seems to have convened after the frightening attack. This confirms what I originally said about Sookie being blamed for things. However, the question is: Will Sookie have a pity party or will she go on a warpath? I want to see a really, really pissed off Sookie.

– Bill is hovering around Sookie again even though she is with Alcide. Alcide is so much more awesome than Bill – just my opinion.

– Jason looks like he finally gets to kick some butt again.

– First episode is named Jesus Gonna Be Here.

– Town looks like it’s boarded up and everyone has abandoned it or have gone into hiding.


Lastly, things I hope for…

  1. Bring Eric Back! If he is sole survivor, I am ok with it. 😉
  2. Like Vulture columnist 
    – – I too hope that Humans and Sups will unite and no new sups will be introduced.
  3. No wishy-washy Sookie. Sookie owns up and fights! Otherwise, let her become a vampire because that would be entertaining.


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