True Blood Season 7 *New Trailer*

There is a new trailer out for True Blood.

It would appear our gallant were Alcide is having Sookie problems.  And to be honest, what man hasn’t?

Over time, I have and many others have developed a disdain for Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie on TV is vastly different than the on paper version. TV Sookie is just written where she grates your nerves. Her indecisiveness is a major source of that frustration. She has a plodding way about her at times.

But back to the matter at hand, The town is in chaos. Holly looks like she is in peril. Sadly, I am think she might be a goner. Who knows?  Everyone might be dead by the end. For me, I just hope everything wraps up and we have a satisfying ending to the show. How about you?

Also, while I do like Alcide, if Lafayette is the last one to walk out alive…I am ok with that.

I think despite the fate of everyone the show, the real burning question that fans want an answer to is … Eric dead?


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