R.I.P. Dave Brockie

Dave Brockie passed away back on March 23, 2014, but today, the local news has reported that the medical examiner diagnosed his death as an accidental heroin overdose.


It is always heartbreaking to hear about a creative figure dying from the use of drugs, especially heroin. Many visionary and creative figures have been lost to this drug.

Richmond lost something special in Dave Brokie. Dave Brockie’s influence on the music and arts scene of Richmond simply can’t be understated. His reach went beyond Richmond as well to his involvement with Norfolk’s Generic Theater and helping to get Evil Dead The Musical. I got to see that performance with a special introduction by Oderus (Brockie’s alter ego).


I have also had the pleasure of hanging out at the Slave Pit working with Sleazy P. Martini. Recently, I have had the pleasure to run across Sleazy B. Martini through other creative outlets.

GWAR was by means not a conventional band nor was Brockie a conventional man. RIP Dave! \m/

Dave Brockie, GWAR lead singer, died of accidental heroin overdose


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