2014 Halloween Costumes

Hi my little robots! Hope you are awaiting Halloween like me with much giddyness! It’s my favorite time of the year. Although, I must say, it’s sad to see less decorations this year – well at least in my area. With the economy being what is, a lot of us have do Halloween on the cheap. However, if you have saved your pennys or you just don’t care then live it up! 😀

There are some of you out there are probably scratching your head, what should I dress up as? I was a zombie last year – boring. The year before you were accused of being a werewolf when really you were a hipster. Well, if you need some inspiration – I am here to help converge some great costume ideas into a series of posts.

1. Graphic Zombie – Ok, I know…zombies. They are everywhere. It’s hard not to love the genre when you have such great artistry and makeup effects happening in The Walking Dead. However, how about a less gruesome yet comical take on the zombie.

Reddit user and makeup artist Sssamanthaa posted a genius Pop Art Zombie recently that fantastic. Here’s a picture to give you inspiration for your version.

Source: Pinterest



2. Fawns – Looking for something a bit more innocent, soft, and alluring why not go anthropomorphic. Deer are graceful frolickers and fawns in particular represent innocence.

Source: Pinterest

To accessorize, check out Modcloth for beautiful retro clothing and Etsy for fawn horns/adornment.

A Blossom A Day Dress from Modcloth
Headpiece by SpiritKawaii


For make up on a budget you can work with makeup from Target or Party City, but if you want better makeup to work with try MakeUp Forever, Mehron, or ThomasFX. If you want Vegan options, try Ben Nye or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

3. Jack Torrance from The Shining – This costume would be great for guys (I didn’t forget you!) or if you want to do a gender swap. I selected this because a) The Shining is a terrific horror film and b) it’s not been done a whole lot so there is room for tweaking and improving.

Source: Google Images
Source: Warner Bros.

With this costume, you of course are going to have to find the right clothing. Search around from eBay to Wal-mart, etc to find the best deals. If you need to, look up pictures of Jack before he’s all frost bitten and frozen. I have already made suggestions about where to find makeup.

To create snow, you could go the cheap route and use cotton. You may also want to try your hand at sculpting snow clumps out of Creative Paperclay then paint your way to perfection!

For help with Frostbite makeup view this awesome tutorial:

You may also want to check out this Ice FX makeup kit, that is super cheap from Amazon:

Source: Amazon


and as always Angie aka GoldieStarling always has amazing tutorials to create some very inspired makeups!



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