Eyes on Halloween

Not everyone wants to commit to creating an entire makeup or costume for Halloween. Some people celebrate through fashionable accessories, simple beauty makeup, nail art, or awesome decorations.

The “Eyes on Halloween” series will focus on non-costume options for celebrating Halloween.

Beauty Makeup

Women of Color – you have a fantastic opportunity to work with beauty makeup that compliments your gorgeous skin tones.

A beautiful play on leopard print. The makeup highlights the richness of her brown skin. It also places focus on the eyes creating a seductive allure that vibrantly compliments soft, wet bronz-dusted lip look. Source: Google Images


ghostly gasps
Using a paler foundation and coupled with the natural yellow skin tones, she is a beautiful ghost seeking revenge. Source: TheFashionHive


Frida Kahlo was inspiration to many Latina women. What a wonderful way to celebrate two facets of latin culture by doing a mashup of Frida meets Los Dias de Los Muertos makeup. The pinks of the skull makeup compliment the rosy undertones of her skin. Source: Lossip

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