TV Shows to Catch in 2015

This year we have lots of nuggets of eye catching TV programs to sink our teeth into.


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Netflix’s “House of Cards” Season 3, starring the devilish but delicious Kevin Spacey,  is set be available on February 27, 2015.


Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas, Laurence Fishburne, Aaron Abrams

“Hannibal” will be back at the beginning of summer to debut it’s 3rd Season. Here’s hoping for a Season 4. This show is flying under the radar, but I implore you to watch.  Mads Mikkelsen is in supreme form as Hannibal Lector. His Lector is very different than Anthony Hopkins. Also, this show is brilliantly filmed that you think you are watching a theater quality movie.




“Outlander” on Starz will be back in April to finish up it’s 1st season. This time-traveling, action-packed romance (and I am not referencing episode 7 or am I?). There is some terrific cast chemistry going on. With excellent casting and sharp writing from Ron Moore of “Star Trek: TNG” and “Batttlestar Galatica” fame – I don’t think you could go wrong. Filmed in the lush backdrop of Scotland, anchored in excellent costuming and makeup, and brimming with bawdy characters as well as one of the most brilliant villains to hit the tube – Blackjack Randall (Tobias Menzies)- you just can’t go wrong.

If you picked up Starz to watch “Outlander” be on the lookout for Seth MacFarlane’s collaboration with Sir Patrick Stewart. Those two are familiar with one another as Patrick has lent his voice to work on many of Seth’s projects like “Family Guy” and “Ted.” “Blunt Talk” is a character-driven comedy revolving around Walter Blunt (Patrick Stewart), a British import intent on conquering the world of American cable news. Through the platform of his nightly interview show, Blunt is on a mission to impart his wisdom and guidance on how Americans should live, think and behave. Besieged by network bosses, a dysfunctional news staff, numerous ex-wives and children of all ages, Blunt’s only support is the alcoholic manservant he transplanted from the U.K. to join him in Los Angeles. The series follows the fallout from Blunt’s well-intentioned, but mostly misguided decision-making, both on and off the air.

“Justifed’s” finale season begins tonight on F/X. Who’s going to walk away alive? Rayland or Boyd?



The eagerly awaited spin off from “Breaking Bad” called “Better Call Saul” will make waves in February on AMC. Bob Odenkirk is a tour de force as Saul Goodman. An intriguing and multi-layered supporting character in “Breaking Bad”  now his chance to take the spotlight. We get to see how Saul became Saul. I can’t wait for this show. I expect another masterpiece from my fellow Virginian Vince Gilligan and crew. I am sure the anticipation of many is high, and I am sure it is burdensome thought to the everyone. “Breaking Bad” is a lot to live up to.


Back in 2013, I got the opportunity to go to Vegas for the first time (probably my only time) and it was during when “Breaking Bad” aired it’s finale.  Ironically, when I was there, I saw this crazy lawyer commercial that made me think of Saul Goodman. He doesn’t have Odenkirk’s finesse, but this guy amused me big time.


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