{Film Review} Tokyo Fiancee (Spoilers)

Tokyo Fiancee on Netflix is film about a young Belgian girl with a love affair for Japan. However, during the course of her stay in Japan, she attempts to learn more about herself and what she wants out of life.
She tries to adapt to Japan but finds herself lost and searching for something. She tries to find it through a relationship and through foraging in nature. Ultimately, she leaves because I believe the bubble around her (her fantasy of Japan) is pricked and pricked by realty. It forces her towards the question of can she change but we are kind of left with her quietly and sadly fleeing Japan for Belgium not knowing whether or not she understands things fully or where she wants to go. It’s an unsettling feeling and sad.
87019fb492fe6f03c3bdb29cf2ffb6eb_500x735I loved the existential crisis going on and the bright, understated sexuality the leading actress brought although I have to say the intimate scenes were awkward but I think the point of her acting was to make you feel her awkward and unassured feelings about what she had involved herself in. The lead Japanese actor was good but his character kind of ends up making her into a fetish.His parents, in particular Rinri’s mother, came off as weird and caricatures. I felt that was kind of creepy, and I wasn’t sure what to think about it. His reluctance to really try and make her stay made me wonder did he recognize her indecision and allow the situation offered by the events of Fukushima as an out that didn’t embarrass either of them, or did he not really care about her as one would hope in a relationship and she simply was a fetish to him. There are a lot of unanswered questions.

One thought on “{Film Review} Tokyo Fiancee (Spoilers)

  1. I loved the beginning it’s really how you feel when you discover japan for the first time I agree with you that the parents are too cliché. The end was my least favourite part, why does she leave? why doesn’t she come back? One of my favourite part was the french girl who lends this flat that is really huge for Tokyo, someone lent me a similar flat (with garden and koi in the ponds) something only expats have.Some expats live in Japan and when they come back they don’t even speak japanese or know about the “real life” there.
    I guess maybe the main character has this cliché of the french girl and doesn’t think she’s strong enough to stay, or it’s easier for him to finish that way. the unanswered questions can be good too.

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