Brief Review: Beyond The Gates


When you watch the trailer you are definitely intrigued by the ode to the  80s and games like Atmosfear and Nightmare. Beyond the Gates cast is lead by preeminent Scream Queen Barbara Crampton and it has a lot of potential to be a highly entertaining film. However, it falls flat. The casting and acting are fine. The sequence of events in the plot flow. However, there are issues that slay the potential of this movie. Those issues are character development and actualization of events.

You are given some basics about the characters – mostly the central character. However, you are not given enough to really care about any of the characters. Honestly, I view myself as highly empathetic, but I felt nothing for these characters. I just wasn’t invested in them and you probably won’t be either.

The events of the film follow a logical path. However, there are only a few scenes which deliver moments that are scary. One particular scene gave me the feeling I had watching “It Follows.” I was sad when the film couldn’t continue this feeling. There wasn’t enough foreshadowing and the actual “beyond the gates” was a snore.

There were moments I liked, but the most consistent think I liked is how freaking creepy Barbara Crampton was. She made the film bearable. It’s a good try, and I have seen some bad horror films or rather misunderstood films. It’s worth a watch but not worth making part of your movie collection.

3 Bloody Fistpumps out of 5


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