Below are websites that Robot X Robot recommends you might want to check out.

New Korean Cinema

New Korean Cinema is an entirely non-commercial, non-profit website dedicated to Korean cinema. Although the name of the site is a reference to the cultural phenomenon that followed the Korean New Wave in the late 90s, the pages here are not limited to this period.

Subtitled Online started life in Feb­ru­ary 2010 as the per­sonal blog of award-winning British music editor/journalist Dar­ren How­ells, offer­ing him the chance to muse on his love of what he per­ceived as supe­rior film­mak­ing – films that gen­er­ally come under the ban­ner world cin­ema.

Horror Hosts and Creature Features


Are you obsessed with macabre monsters, machete maidens, and morbid madmen? This is the place for you! It’s a Horror Geek Lifestyle and we know many people are living it. We are a strange breed, but one of the most tightly knit communities in fandom! ‘Stay Tuned‘ for magazine updates, original art, and articles!


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