Last Minute Geek Girl Gift Ideas

Konnichiwa Robots!

Are you struggling with what to get your geek gal pal, girlfriend, or wife for Christmas?

RobotXRobot has this challenge in the bag.

Here’s our Top 10 Geek Girl Gifts (in no particular order):

1. Harry Potter Clue (Think Geek, $34.99)

You can’t go wrong with a rousing game of intrigue and what better setting then Hogwarts?

2. Insignia Infocast 3.5″ or 8″ (Best Buy, $49.99)

A more stylish looking chumby-powered device. Chumbys take “your favorite parts of the internet and delivers them to you in a friendly, always-on, always-fresh format. It’s a window into your internet life that lives outside your desktop, so content like weather, news, celebrity gossip, podcasts, music, and more has a place to play away from your world of documents and spreadsheets. Just plug in your chumby, connect to your network, and use your computer to create a lineup of favorites from over 1,500 apps in more than 30 categories, with new ones arriving all the time. Then let your chumby do its thing — streaming everything you like, from sports scores to stock quotes, from video clips to interactive games, from photos to trivia.

3. Tea-total-er Service Set (Modcloth, $37.99)

Tea Drinkers of the world unite. Your geek gal will appreciate this item because not only is it a complete tea service for one, it efficiently stacks vertically to provide her with more storage space.

4. Storytellers T-shirt by Maxim Cyr (Threadless, $12, On Sale Right Now)

Have a libra-geekette friend or wife or aunt or gal pal in need of some new threads? Check out this fantastic bookish t-shirt by Maxim Cyr for Threadless.

It’s   artsy. It’s cute. It’s a conversation piece. Can you spot the book references? I see a certain everyman’s wizard!,girls

5. ThinkGeek Kids Geeky Twin Bed Sheet Set (ThinkGeek $22.99)

Got a wee geekette in your life, how about a ThinkGeek Kids Geeky Twin Bed sheet set. She can snuggle up to unicorns, cthulu, and ninjas – fertile playground for dreams

6. Star Wars Bathing Suit ($85.00, Black Milk Clothing)

Now a geek girl can get a tan and show off her affection for one of the most well known science fiction fantasy movies of the last few decades. The swimsuit comes in three designs: R2D2, C3po, and The Darkside.

7. Drive-In Cult Classics – 32 Movie Set ($11.99,

Fans of Bettie Page, Punk, and B-Movies, will feel at home with this set of 32 Drive-In Cult Classics. So pop the popcorn, grab the Red Vines®, and a big soda pop and settle in to watch stars such as John Savage, Donald Pleasance, Peter Cushing, Robert Carradine, and Karen Black in this eclectic set that features “wild teenage parties (Malibu Beach) to sadistic bikers (Trip With Teacher) and a big-screen starlet’s final performance (Jayne Mansfield in Single Room Furnished) to Oscar®-nominated thrillers (Best Musical Score, The Stepmother).

8. Some girls dream of Barbies and My Little Ponies while others yearn to be El Santo. Many Geek Ladies crave the Lucha. For that special geek lady, why not get her a Lucha Mask. It’s a conversation starter, halloween appropriate, crime fighting appropriate, and approved for use with spandex and leisure suits. Have a bad skin day, why it conceal even the troublesome of pimples. It’s multi-purpose and never goes out of style.

Sombra de Plata Sky Blue Wrestling Mask New Lucha Libre ($24.99, eLucha Store on eBay)


9. Steampunk Laptop Gelaskin by Colin Thompson ($29.95, Gelaskins)

For fans of Steampunk, Gelaskins offers this snazzy Laptop Gelaskin by Colin Thompson. Although your geekgal isn’t into modifications, she can jazz up her laptop with this skin that employs 3M technology. There is caveat as with most things that require a particular size, measure before buying to insure you pick the right size.:)

10. TARDIS Ice Bucket (Neatorama, $24.95)

We all would love a ride in a TARDIS, but it’s wishful thinking. How about throwing a Doctor Who themed party? Break out the punch and serve ice in style, in a one-of-a kind ice bucket.


Prices can change. RobotXRobot can’t help this, sorry.

Availability can change. Things might not be in stock when you go to order. A lot of things can be bought from more than one retailer unless it’s exclusive. Check around if it is out of stock. RobotXRobot can’t help this, sorry.

Best of luck. 🙂


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